Retro Style Dresses – How you can Dress Like Mad Women

Lots of people believe that putting on retro style dresses requires courage, which wearing a classic style is “available”. However that could not be more wrong. Just browse around you: retro style dresses abound, and how may you resist them, once they flatter the figure, come in an array of patterns and colors, and are ideal for accessorizing?

The mod clothing look is within at this time: it’s hip, it’s original, and it is stylish. As well as for inspiration, take a look at towards the mysterious women of Mad Men. Gloria Francis (formerly Draper), Joan Holloway, and Peggy Olsen all look gorgeous in well cut, well accessorized retro style dresses in the 1950s and 1960s, and the good thing is, these styles are simple to reproduce.

And when you are concerned about searching “too retro,” don’t. Putting on vintage style dresses is definitely an talent, and the bottom line is to not overload and adopt complete vintage costume – you won’t want to seem like you are walking from a period machine! The secret would be to team retro style dresses and clothing with increased contemporary elements. For instance, you can pair your dark skinny jeans having a vintage loose white-colored blouse having a bow in the neck.

Below are great tips for incorporating Mad Men fashions to your daily wardrobe:

1. Gloria Francis – She may go through sad and frustrated inside, but Gloria always looks gorgeous around the outdoors. Gloria can be a conservative middle-class lady, but her outfits are enjoyable, playful and female. To appear like Gloria, choose high-waist retro style dresses and full skirts, frilly sleeves, and floral prints. Make sure that you incorporate accessories into every outfit, try not to overload: choose simple headbands, gem necklaces, and plain handbags. If you are walking in an ordinary dress, jazz up having a pretty brooch.

2. Joan Holloway – Joan Holloway is really a red-headed Lana Turner. She’s a good, fiery bombshell who’s not scared to flaunt her curvaceous figure. Round the office, Joan stays with figure-hugging dresses, skirts and tops, lots of vibrant red lipstick, and straightforward jewellery to highlight her curves. To decorate like Joan, choose solid colored sweater dresses in deep plum or red, platform footwear, and have ample dazzling gemstone pins to put on in your retro style dresses. For earrings, choose weighty, circular silver or gold earrings – nothing dangly.

3. Peggy Olsen – Yes, Peggy Olsen began out as not the best looking lady within the Sterling Cooper office, but her wardrobe is promoting as rapidly as her career. She continues to have that innocent library look about her, filled with heavy bangs, but her clothing is nevertheless pretty, girly, and functional. Peggy’s vintage style is ideal for fall. To decorate like Peggy, choose patterned and solid colored retro style dresses in heavier fabrics that fall in the knee, or choose a-line skirts with belts and loose blouses with bows in the neck.